Monday, 13 June 2011

Black Star

When I first heard "Black Star" It was amazing. I went to see her concert and the way that they performed the song was Stunning. I've been an Avril Lavigne Fan ever since I was like, 6! Anyway I love her album "Goodbye Lullaby" She has been such an inspiration in her good songs, like "Black Star". So anyway, Enjoy It!

We R Who We R

I used to be a KE$HA ADDICT. But then I realised how much of an Alcoholic she is...... She uses so much Auto-Tune. I guess she can write a few good songs.... But anyway..... Have a look at what I've done to her song "We R Who We R"

Close To Me- An Original Song

Is ANYBODY reading this? Anyway, it's a good place to add my videos. Its a bit like a Diary.... Anyway, I've made another song called "Close To Me". I really like it and I hope you do as well!

Original Songs

Hey Guys!
So................... No Blog Posts for a while. Sorry! I've been really busy with YouTube and things..... So:

Here's a video of my Original Songs:


Monday, 18 April 2011

This song is probably one of the hardest i have played so far- it includes a lot of moving about the keys- makes my fingers tired!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Perfect By P!nk

This song is one of my favourites. Although. it has quite a few mistakes in the middle (I should really re-record it!)